Toshinobu Takamitsu

1947- born in kumamoto
1969- graduated at Kyushu Industrial University,arts ,Fukuoka
1967-79 KAMIKEN, trained by Eisuke Kashiwazaki in paper design.
1969-79 designer at P.P.I.C(product planning idea center)
1971-72 part time teacher at Tokyo Design School ,Fukuoka
1973-75 part time teacher at Kyushu Art College ,Fukuoka
1974-75 as Rotary Foundation fellow、study Glass blowing at Leicester Polytechnic in England
1979-90 own studio ( OPEN STUDIO) started glass blowing Kumamoto
1992- produced Kumamoto Art Week in Montana、
1990- started metalsmithing
1994- open Aso Gallery at Hakusui in Aso
1996-  studied blacksmithing at John C, Campbell FolkSchool in NC U.S.A
1997,99- taught Paper art at J,C,C,F in NC U.S.A
1968 -2012 member of Kyushu Craft Desiner Association
1996-  member of Japan Craft Designer Association
1996- member of Artist-Blacksmiths Association of North America

2014 grant from kumamoto prefectual traditional crafts center .hold exhibition at R-space in Northern Ireland

1968 Grand Prix of Kyushu Craft Designer Association
1986 Silver Prize,Takaoka'86Craft Competition
1987 Gold Prize, Takaoka'87Craft Competition     
1993 Honorable Mention of the 2nd Sougetsu flower Vases Biennale
1995The 2nd Mami Flower "Hana no Sumika" Leading prize of metal division
2001Gold Prize, Takaoka2001Craft Competition

Yukiko Takamitsu

1944- born in Dazaifu Fukuoka
1967- graduated Women College of Art Tokyo
1967-68 taught at Chikuyou Gakuen High School in Fukuoka
1968-77 taught at Kyushu Indurstrial University Art department in Fukuoka part time teach at Kyushu Art College ,Fukuoka  
1997-99 taught Kasuri weaving at Jhon C, Campbell Folk School in NC U.S.A

1979 own studio ( OPEN STUDIO )Kumamoto
1994 opened Aso Gallery at Hakusui in Aso

1968- member of Kyushu Craft Designer Association
1990- member of Japan Craft Designer Association

1984 The3rd prizeof Kyushu Craft Designer Assosiation
1984 Grand Prize of Kumamoto Traditional Craft Museum
1985,88 Encouragement Prize of Craft for Life.Kumamoto traditional Craft Museum
1989,91,92,93,94,95,96 Encouragement Prize of Craft for Life
1999 Grand Prize of Kyushu Craft DesignerAssociation